Hero climbs building to save toddler dangling from balcony

Incredible footage shows a fearless man scaling a Paris building to save a four-year-old boy dangling from a balcony.

The video, filmed in the capital’s 18th Arrondissement, shows him climbing four stories in just seconds to reach the child.

He then shimmies across the ledge and hoists the child to safety in view of shocked onlookers below.

Another man on the adjoining balcony also tried to lift the boy to safety but could not get a decent grip, Le Parisien reported.

“There is a fence and a gap between them,” one witness told the website. “The neighbor couldn’t reach the child himself.”

The child is reported to have slipped off the balcony while his father left the apartment to go shopping.

Firefighters tended to both the hero and the boy, both of whom were thought to be in shock.

The so-called Spiderman of Paris suffered only a few scratches in the daring rescue while the child lost a fingernail.

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