Haiti officials looking into new allegations of sex abuse against US man who founded orphanage

Haitian investigators say they're looking into new allegations of sex abuse against a U.S. man who founded an orphanage for boys.

The move comes shortly after an earlier case accusing Michael Geilenfeld of abusing youngsters was sent to an appeals court in the Caribbean country.

A few months ago, a U.S. jury ordered a Maine activist to pay $14.5 million for falsely accusing Geilenfeld of sexually abusing Haitian children.

The Iowa native founded the St. Joseph Home for Boys in Haiti's capital decades ago. He denies the allegations of sex abuse that have dogged him for years.

Haitian police on Friday searched unsuccessfully for Geilenfeld at a private residence and a home for children. A government official showed reporters an arrest warrant for Geilenfeld signed by a prosecutor.