Hackers enlisting 'pornbots' to fight ISIS and their supporters on Twitter

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Hackers are forcing Islamic State supporters on Twitter to delete or make their profiles private as they are being spammed by thousands of accounts linked to graphic pornography.

The accounts, known as pornbots, feature sexually-explicit images and are automatically generated, but almost never tweet, The Mirror reports. The hackers are targeting Twitter users who use ISIS hashtags, and they can follow them with several hundred of the fake accounts in just a few minutes.

One purported ISIS account run by a French fighter who often tweets about the deaths of journalists in Syria and Iraq flew under the radar until Monday, when its follower count jumped from around 50 to more than 800 pornbots.

Last week, the account of ISIS’ media arm, Amaq, was hit by a wave of pornbots until it was disabled by Twitter.

The flood of images containing naked bodies has made ISIS supporters switch their accounts to a private setting, or just delete them altogether, The Mirror reports.

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