Guinea's ex-junta leader denies key role in killings of more than 156 at 2009 rally

The lawyer for Guinea's ex-junta leader says he has denied all charges brought against him during indictment hearings for the killings by the presidential guard in 2009 of more than 156 people at an opposition rally.

Moussa "Dadis" Camara's lawyer said Tuesday that the leader, who is in exile in Burkina Faso, denied the charges that include complicity in murder, looting, assault and rape; failure to assist a person in danger; and commanding responsibility as a military leader and superior head. He was indicted last week.

Jean Baptiste Haba said Camara has said he assumes moral responsibility.

Camara seized power in a 2008 military coup. In September 2009, the presidential guard opened fire on thousands of protesters demanding that Camara resign. Rights groups say soldiers raped more than 100 women.