Greek police unionists protest planned pay cuts

Dozens of uniformed police officers have protested peacefully outside Greece's Parliament against pay cuts that are planned under the government's new austerity drive.

Shouting slogans and displaying banners, police unionists were joined in the Athens demonstration by firefighters and coast guards.

Friday's protest came as Prime Minister Antonis Samaras chaired a cabinet meeting that discussed, among other things, the €11.5 billion ($14.4 billion) cutbacks for 2013-2014.

The measures, without which Greece's creditors would stop providing vital rescue loans, are expected to include new cuts in pensions and salaries.

Samaras' conservative-led coalition is still finalizing the details of the package, which will be submitted for approval next week to visiting austerity inspectors.

Greece has been kept afloat by international bailouts since May 2010, granted in exchange for harsh spending cuts.