Graffiti appears on bishop residence after anti-mafia event

Vandals have scrawled graffiti on a Catholic Church building in an organized crime stronghold where Italy's president joined Catholic anti-mafia crusaders to denounce mobsters as people "with no sense of honor."

"More work, fewer cops," read the scrawl that appeared Monday on the bishop's residence in Locri, a base of the 'ndrangheta crime syndicate in southern Reggio Calabria. Another message called a leading anti-mafia crusader, Don Luigi Ciotti, a "cop."

Ciotti had participated alongside President Sergio Mattarella in Sunday's commemoration honoring Italians slain by organized crime, a run-up event to the national remembrance day Tuesday organized by Ciotti's Libera organization.

During the ceremony, Mattarella, whose brother was murdered by Cosa Nostra, said mafiosi don't know pity or humanity and "have no sense of honor or courage."