BEIJING -- Three explosions, some from car bombs, occurred within a half-hour outside three government buildings in a south China city Thursday, blowing out windows and wounding at least five people, an official and state media reported.

A car exploded outside the prosecutor's office in Fuzhou city, then 10 minutes later an explosion went off at a district government building and 15 minutes later a car exploded outside a drug administration office, said an official at the information office of Jiangxi province, where Fuzhou is located. He declined to give his full name, identifying himself by the surname Zhang.

Photos posted on a micro-blogging site showed blown-out window frames, glass shards on the ground and an injured man lying prone outside one government building.

The Xinhua News Agency reported that at the prosecutor's office many of the windows and a car were destroyed, while at least 10 vehicles were damaged at Fuzhou's Linchuan district government building.

Xinhua said at least five people were wounded.

While Zhang said the cause of the explosions was not known, Xinhua reported that the culprit was a farmer unhappy about the government's handling of a dispute.

Homemade bombs are frequently used to settle scores in China, where fertilizer and explosives for construction are readily available and guns are tightly controlled.