On social media, Nateesha Barlin’s profiles are eye-catching. They portray a glamorous lifestyle lived in luxury alongside her boyfriend Dylan Shaw.

But the 23-year-old hasn’t always been so glamorous, she admits. In a post on her Facebook page, she revealed she was once the “ugly kid”.

In the photograph from 2009, Barlin wears glasses and braces on her teeth.

Nateesha Barlin

On social media, Nateesha Barlin’s profiles are eye-catching but the 23-year-old hasn’t always been so glamorous, she admits. (Facebook)

It’s a world away from the platinum-blonde bikini model who has thousands of followers and shares racy professional photographs often wearing very little.

It’s also a world away from the life she has been leading — a criminal enterprise that has seen her and Shaw convicted of importing and distributing steroids, testosterone and human growth hormones.



According to the Daily Telegraph, Australian Border Force police intercepted a haul the couple was expecting to arrive between May and October 2016.

It included 13,672 tablets, 11.2 litres of testosterone, 600ml of anabolic steroid and 20 vials of human growth hormone.

They were arrested on November 7, 2016. Barlin has pleaded guilty to one count each of importing testosterone and Shaw has pleaded guilty to three charges including importing steroids and human growth hormone.


Barlin and her boyfriend Dylan Shaw. (Facebook)

They are expected to sentenced on June 26, but in the meantime have been granted bail. Despite the charges, Barlin continues to post photographs in bikins and fitness apparel.

She’s not one to shy away from the camera, as photographers waiting outside court discovered in March last year.

When the former topless waitress saw a cameraman from the Central Coast Gosford Express Advocate, she told him: “I might as well make the picture worthwhile”.



She put her hand on her hip and smiled for the camera before delivering this message at the media.

“You’re f***ing c****s.”

The pair were arrested after a two-year investigation. Police alleged the seized drugs were destined for the black market.

ABF Commander of immigration and customs enforcement Anthony Seebach previously said the seizure of the drugs was a win for law enforcement.



“These drugs can have serious health impacts for users and the ABF is committed to protecting our community by stamping out the illicit importation of these dangerous drugs,” Commander Seebach said.

“If you import steroids or other performance and image enhancing drugs without a permit you’re breaking the law and you will face the consequences.”

The offense Barlin pleaded guilty to carries a maximum penalty of five years’ imprisonment or a fine of up to $180,000.

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