Giant model triceratops found in the middle of a road

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A driver discovered something very unusual was blocking traffic on a British road over the weekend: a 25-ft. model triceratops.

The fake dino turned up on the Isle of Wright off the Southern coast of the United Kingdom, the BBC reports. It was taken from The Jurassic Garden, a shop selling prehistoric gems and fossils.

Owner Martin Simpson says he was shocked when he saw a picture of the dinosaur model on social media.

Martin said, "It takes about five blokes to move the dinosaur a couple of inches, so it was definetly a concerted effort and drink was probably involved."

He says he will secure the dinosaur to make sure the incident does not happen again.

Chris Hollinghead posted a photo of the triceratops on social media , after he spotted it on his drive home from work Saturday morning.

A maintenance crew pulled the dino off the street and placed it back into the garden before reopening the road.