Giant helium-filled airship due to make maiden flight

A blimp-shaped, helium-filled airship billed as the world's biggest aircraft is due to make its maiden flight.

The 302-foot- (92-meter-) long Airlander 10 , nicknamed the "flying bum" because of its bulbous front end, is schedule to take off Sunday from an airfield 45 miles (73 kilometers) north of London.

The Airlander is a hybrid air vehicle — part lighter-than-air blimp, part plane. It's designed to use less fuel than a plane, but carry heavier loads than conventional airships.

Its developers say it can reach 16,000 feet (4,900 meters) and travel at up to 90 mph (148 kph). It can stay aloft for days at a stretch.

It is due to fly for about an hour and a half Sunday at heights of up to 3,000 feet (914 meters).