Germany's population seen shrinking by a tenth or more by 2060 as deaths outpace births

Germany's Federal Statistical Office says it expects the country's population to shrink by a tenth or even more by 2060 as deaths outpace births.

The office forecast Tuesday that the population of Europe's leading economic power, which stood at 80.8 million in 2013, will grow for the next five to seven years and then start dropping. It said that, in 2060, the figure likely will stand at between 67.6 and 73.1 million — depending on how many new immigrants there are.

It said it expects a significant drop in the working-age population, with the number of people aged 20-64 dropping from 49 million to somewhere between 34 and 38 million. The population of over-65s is expected to grow from 17 million to 22 or 23 million.