Germany marks 70th anniversary of Nuremberg war crimes trials of Goering, other top Nazis

Eyewitnesses to the landmark Nuremberg war crimes trials of top Nazi leaders are returning to the courtroom where the proceedings took place to mark the 70th anniversary of their opening.

The Nuremberg Trial memorial said Moritz Fuchs, a guard to chief U.S. prosecutor Robert Jackson; George Sakheim, a U.S. interpreter; and Yves Beigbeder, a French judge's assistant, will all be on hand for Friday's event.

The landmark trial that began Nov. 20, 1945, established the offenses of crimes against peace, waging a war of aggression, war crimes and crimes against humanity.

Top Nazis like Hermann Goering faced a panel of judges representing the victorious Allies — the United States, Soviet Union, Britain and France.

Goering and 11 others were sentenced to death, seven drew lengthy sentences and three were acquitted.