Germany investigating 2 former SS death squad members

Two suspected members of Adolf Hitler's mobile "Einsatzgruppen" death squads identified by the Simon Wiesenthal Center have been tracked down by German reporters but deny participating in wartime massacres.

One suspect, 94-year-old Kurt Gosdek, told broadcaster ARD's Politikmagazin Kontraste program that he was part of a special SS unit in Einsatzgruppe C in Ukraine in 1941, but had worked behind the lines repairing vehicles.

Herbert Wahler, 95, confirmed that his name was on the Einsatzgruppen roster, but refused other comment, according to transcripts of the interviews provided to The Associated Press ahead of Thursday night's broadcast.

German prosecutors confirm the men are under investigation but say there's not enough evidence to charge them.

The Wiesenthal Center gave authorities their names in 2014 and questioned why the investigations have taken so long.