German nationalists unconcerned by departure of top figure

Leaders of the nationalist and anti-migrant Alternative for Germany say they're not concerned that its newly-departed figurehead Frauke Petry might form a new party.

The party's co-chairwoman since 2015 abruptly left Alternative for Germany, or AfD, after Sunday's election in which it won 12.6 percent of the vote.

Petry cited months of in-fighting among its leadership, saying AfD wasn't in a position to push for the political change she thought the country needed. She's intimated she might form another party, but hasn't made any announcement.

AfD co-leader Alice Weidel told reporters in Berlin on Wednesday "there's utterly no concern" that Petry may draw support away.

Appearing with co-leader Alexander Gauland, she said: "this party, should she even found one, would be doomed to failure."