Gastronomic world awaits unveiling of prestigious food guide

The world of high gastronomy is braced for the unveiling of its most closely guarded secret — the year's list of French restaurants making it onto the prestigious Michelin Red Guide for 2018.

Monday's announcement from Paris, the world's self-styled gastronomic capital, will come amid great fanfare and a speech by French Prime Minister Edouard Philippe.

But this year's edition comes amid questions over the role of the world food bible that classes top restaurants on a scale of one to three-stars.

Last week, the guide's reputation was knocked when it withdrew the three-star Le Suquet restaurant at the request of its owner, Sebastien Bras, who complained of the "huge pressure" and scrutiny Michelin brings.

The guide's biggest advocate, iconic French chef Paul Bocuse, who pioneered nouvelle cuisine in the 1960s, died last month.