Frog run over by lawn mower airlifted to hospital, hopping its way to recovery

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An unlucky Australian frog that was run over by a lawnmower is hopping its way around the continent to recovery.

Min Tims said she accidentally ran over the green tree frog in front of her home in Mount Isa in Queensland.

"She was devastated and asked if I could say prayers for him,” her niece, Felicia Morgan, told the Brisbane Times. She added that the frog “got clipped behind his head.”

Morgan got in touch with a frog hospital nearly 500 miles away in Cairns and an airline reportedly offered to carry the injured amphibian on one of its flights there.

"It was unbelievable coordination to be able to get the frog to us but he did eventually make it to Cairns and we picked him up from the airport,” Deborah Pergolotti, president of Frog Safe, told local media.

Staff at the hospital helped the frog recover from internal parasites but observed it had damage to one of its eyes.

The frog eventually returned to Mount Isa. Tims put the animal in a fish tank and started giving it a special diet.

“He is an extremely lucky animal to have survived being run over by basically a blender on wheels and we paid a huge amount of attention to him but he has recovered very well,” Pergolotti told the Times.