French Student Faces School Expulsion for 'Trafficking Lollipops'

A young French student is facing school expulsion after he was caught dealing Jawbreakers candy to his classmates during lunch hours.

Denis-Diderot de Sorgues College student Flavien Roger made $38 from selling the candy, which he hoped to use to buy a flat-screen TV, reports.

School headmaster Jean-Pierre Lahutte will meet with Roger and his mother at a disciplinary meeting to decide his status with the school. Roger was accused of “trafficking lollipops," according to his mother.

“The problem with this is where is the limit?” Lahutte said. “If today we allow a schoolboy to sell lollipops, tomorrow what will it be -- cell phones, tomatoes?”

Roger obtained the sweets from his father’s bakery in southeastern France – one of only two shops in the region that sell the candy. He said he sold it since his father’s shop was too far away for his classmates to easily visit.

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