French president's partner to remain hospitalized after 'shock' of tabloid report on mistress

A top aide to France's first lady says she will remain hospitalized for several more days to recover from the shock of a tabloid report that President Francois Hollande is having a secret affair with an actress.

The scandal is overshadowing a major public appearance by Hollande expected Tuesday. Pollsters say it is likely to further damage his record-low popularity ratings.

Valerie Trierweiler's chief of staff, Patrice Biancone, said Monday she could be hospitalized for another six or eight more days. She was initially expected to leave the hospital Monday.

He said she suffered a "very strong emotional shock" from the tabloid report and needs rest.

Hollande has never married. He and Trierweiler have lived together since 2007 and she occupies the so-called "madame wing" of the presidential palace.