French Embassy seeks help in finding 2 young French tourists missing in Bolivia for 4 weeks

LA PAZ, Bolivia (AP) — Two young French tourists have been missing nearly four weeks in Bolivia's Beni region in the Amazon bordering Brazil, the French ambassador said Wednesday in launching a public appeal for help finding them.

Ambassador Antoine Grassin said the couple was in the midst of a tour of several Latin American countries when they were last seen Aug. 28, leaving a child in the small city of Guayaramerin on the border with Brazil.

"This is a strange case because the young couple was staying in a house and the last day that they were seen they left her child in this house and nothing more is known," Grassin told The Associated Press.

The couple was identified as Fanny Blancho, 23, mother of the child, and her partner, Jeremy Bellanger, 25.

Police in both Bolivia and Brazil were alerted about the couple's disappearance, the ambassador said.

The French Embassy published a notice about the couple in Thursday's editions of Bolivian newspapers.