French activists fear government overreach during post-attacks state of emergency

Demonstrations have been forbidden in Paris since a state of emergency was declared after attacks last month, but about 50 activists have gathered at the top administrative court for what they're calling a flash protest of government overreach.

Searches without warrants and house arrests without judge's orders have skyrocketed in France since the Nov. 13 attacks that left 130 people dead.

Police have carried out 2,575 searches, and 354 people are confined at home.

Activists fear the state of emergency is ripe for abuse. They point in particular to house arrest for people who planned to protest this month's climate talks.

France says the state of emergency is working, citing the discovery of 403 weapons and 202 drug seizures. But French Prime Minister Manuel Valls on Friday acknowledged "two or three unacceptable cases."

Friday's demonstration was allowed to proceed with no interference from authorities.