Frank Lumsden, leader of eastern Jamaican Maroon village of Charles Town, dies at 73

Frank Lumsden, a Jamaican who worked as a commodities trader in Chicago before returning to focus on reviving the Caribbean island's Maroon culture, has died. He was 73.

Lumsden was the "colonel" of the Windward Maroon community of Charles Town, one of Jamaica's four semi-autonomous Maroon tracts.

He was a descendant of 18th century escaped slaves called Maroons who won their freedom by raiding planters' estates and repelling invasions of their forest retreats with guerrilla warfare.

Charles Town was once a moribund Maroon settlement that seemed destined to lose its traditions. But Lumsden fought to preserve traditions with heritage tourism and cultural conferences.

Lumsden, who was also an artist, died Tuesday in Kingston, said the Institute of Jamaica, a nonprofit culture group. The cause of death was not immediately disclosed.