Forensic experts say they have discovered eight bodies in a clandestine grave in western Guatemala that dates back to 1982, when former Gen. Efrain Rios Montt was ruling the country amid a civil war.

Guatemala's Forensic Anthropology Foundation director Jose Suasnavar says the excavation in the village of Laguna Burra was conducted at the request of an organization called Oxlajuj Ajpop.

Oxlajuj Ajpop representative Flor Gonzalez says witnesses approached the group with information of several massacres in 1982. She says witnesses told them soldiers kidnapped people in the state of Quiche and then brought them to neighboring Huehuetenango state, where they were killed and buried.

Gonzalez says the group has also requested excavations in Paquish, another village in Huehuetenango where other clandestine graves are believed to be located.