NICE, France (AP) — A new train taking rich Russians to the French Riviera in style and luxury has arrived in Nice, some 53 hours after it departed from Moscow.

The new service launched by Russian Railways is a once-a-week run for those with money and time.

In the era of bullet trains and air travel, this train travels at a sedate 63 kph (40 mph), and just slightly faster on the return.

For fares ranging from €306 ($412) one-way to €1,200 ($1,616) for a luxury compartment, the traveler passes through two dozen cities and a half-dozen countries before reaching Nice.

From the czars of old to the new-money entrepreneurs of today, rich Russians have long haunted France's Mediterranean coast.

All aboard Sunday for those training it for 3,000 kilometers (1864 miles) to Moscow!