Florida Woman's Minivan Spray-Painted With Swastikas

A South Florida woman is searching for answers after her minivan was spray-painted with swastikas right outside her home.

Maria Burgos said she woke up Friday morning to find the bold, black symbols on the sides and hood of her white minivan. "When I get up this morning, the van was all written up with Nazi signs on it," she said.

Burgos, who is not Jewish, said she is perplexed someone would vandalize her vehicle with the symbol often associated with hate. "I freaked out. I said, 'What more can a person do?'"

Burgos said there were also scratches on her driver's side front door that were not there before the incident.

The Fort Lauderdale resident said the incident must have happened after 2 a.m. "I had gone out to throw garbage, and [my roommate] had stepped out of the house at the same time, stood at the corner of his building," she said.

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    Burgos said she thinks she saw the culprit lingering at the corner near her car parked out front. "And I see him by the van, first I see him by the front of the van, and then on one side, then other side of the van," she said. "I could not actually see what he was doing, but he was the only one there."

    Burgos' landlord said he is outraged his tenant was targeted in such a hateful way. "In this day and age, whoever did that is, what could I tell you? It's very ... disturbing to my residents, to my friends and anybody else," said Neron Holder during a phone interview.

    By nightfall Friday night, Burgos and her roommates had scrubbed the spray paint off her vehicle, but the hood still has a stain on the spot where the swastika was painted.

    Burgos said the overnight vandalism may have stemmed from a dispute she has been having with a neighbor. She has filed a report with the Fort Lauderdale Police Department.

    If you have any information on this incident, call Broward Crime Stoppers at 954-493-TIP.

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