A leading newspaper in Mexico, Milenio, published on Wednesday a transcript of text messages allegedly exchanged among drug lord Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman, his lawyer Andres Granados and the popular local actress Kate del Castillo, as they were coordinating a first face-to-face meeting to put together a film project. Sometimes Ivan “El Cholo” Gastelum, Guzman’s security chief, took part in the conversation as well.

While attempts to get a comment from the Mexico Attorney General’s Office (PGR) were unsuccessful, Fox News Latino spoke on the telephone with the Milenio reporter who broke the story, Carlos Marin. He said the transcripts were provided by an intelligence agent from the PGR and they are just a small part of the extensive telephone tapping carried on by the Center of Investigation and National Security (CISEN) personnel, soon after Guzman escaped from prison on July 11 of last year.

The first contact reproduced by Milenio took place on Sept. 25, when the actress reportedly communicated with the fugitive drug lord using the lawyer’s phone.

The pair seems to strike up a rapport right away.

For identification purposes they use several nicknames, which seem to change each time a new conversation is started. Some of the ones used are Papa, Olvidado, M, Ermoza, 1, Guapa.

SEPTEMBER 25, 2015

8:15:26 PM.- Papa [GUZMAN]: Hello, friend, what a pleasure to greet you even through this medium. How have you been?

8:17:25 PM.- M: Olvidado [DEL CASTILLO]: Okay, how about you?

PM.- 8:19:14 Papa: Olvidado [GUZMAN]: Well, thank you, eager to personally meet you, friend. How many days will you be here?

8:22:06 PM.- M: Olvidado [DEL CASTILLO]: So I am, to tell you the truth, and to be able to talk to you in person about our project.

8:24:03 PM.-Papa: Olvidado [GUZMAN]: Yes, my friend, how many days are you on vacation?

8:26:45 PM.- M: Olvidado [DEL CASTILLO]: Not exactly vacation, although I wish! I am going back on Sunday.

8:32:44 PM.- Papa: Olvidado [GUZMAN]: Friend, really fast: I'm in Sinaloa, you wont have enough time, unless you took a flight to Mazatlan because you can only get to my ranch in the morning, since it’s raining every day. What bad luck. Make some room and come to Mazatlan later. You go to the hotel and they'll pick you up at 7 am and I'll wait for you for breakfast, and then you go back the next day to Mazatlan. You need three days to [be here] 24 hours, friend.

9:55:16 PM.- Papa: Olvidado [GUZMAN]: Friend, so you bring the wine (…) I like tequila and Bucana, but I'll drink the tequila and champagne you are bringing. I’ll tell you: I am not a drinker, but since your presence is going to be something beautiful [I will], because I really want to meet you and become very good friends with you. You're the best of this world. We will be good friends. You make up your mind as to when you can come again. I hope it is soon, it's better to wait so I can prepare everything in one week time. I'll have everything super so you don’t have any inconvenience, I would feel very bad. Have faith that you will be comfortable. I will care for you better than I care for my own eyes.

10:11:41 PM.- M: Olvidado [DEL CASTILLO]: It moves me so much that you tell me that you take care of me, no one has ever cared for me, thanks! And I am free next weekend!

The actress then apparently leaves the room and the dialogue continues between “El Chapo” and lawyer Granados. Here’s when the lawyer mentions actor Sean Penn for the first time to the drug lord – who apparently doesn’t know who he is.

11:23:22 PM.- Papa: Oscar [GASTELUM]: Coordinate with her to have these people come. So the long-hairs are no longer coming?

11:29:17 PM.- M: Olvidado [LAWYER]: Yes, the long-hairs too, along with actor Sean Penn. That’s the Argentinian long-hair’s friend. On Tuesday there were the lady, the long-hair and that Sean Penn. The latter has made very good movies, and he is the one drooling to come.

11:30:12 PM.- Papa: Olvidado [GUZMAN]: What is the name of that actor?

11:34:39 PM.- M: Olvidado [LAWYER]: Sean Penn.

11:35:23 PM.- M: Olvidado [LAWYER]: The one who did the film “21 Grams.”

11:36:20 PM.- Papa: Olvidado [GUZMAN]: 21 Grams, what year did he make it?

11:41:23 PM.- M: Olvidado [LAWYER]: I'm checking the data to give you the exact year.

11:41:40 PM.- Papa: Olvidado [GUZMAN]: OK.

11:47:47 PM.- M: Olvidado [LAWYER]: In 2003 was 21 Grams.

11:48:29 PM.- M: Olvidado [LAWYER]: He is also a political activist.

11:49:45 PM.- M: Olvidado [LAWYER]: Who has been critical of the Bush administration.

11:50:37 PM.- Papa: Olvidado [GUZMAN]: That film is the latest.

11:50:44 PM.- M: Olvidado [LAWYER]: He almost does not act anymore. Now he produces films.

11:51:20 PM.- M: Olvidado [LAWYER]: And he knows almost all Hollywood directors and producers.

11:51:27 PM.- Papa: Olvidado [GUZMAN]: What would be the latest [movie] he has produced?

11:53:30 PM.- Papa: Olvidado [GUZMAN]: It is OK that he comes to speak with me personally. You go with them and convince the lady that it is next weekend.

11:53:57 PM.- Papa: Olvidado [GUZMAN]: Or a weekday, it doesn’t matter what day. Tell her.

11:56:53 PM.- M: Olvidado [LAWYER]: I think it was the latest [movie] because he now produces. He went from actor to producer. OK, we will come to an agreement with the lady.

OCTOBER 10 2015

10:25:59 AM: 1 [GUZMAN]: Hello, friend, I’m sorry I was asleep. Have a good trip, I desire you with all my heart. We will be alert. I love you.

3:54:07 PM.- Ermoza [DEL CASTILLO]: very tired, but already here, working :)

3:54:34 PM.- Ermoza [DEL CASTILLO]: What about you, how are you?

4:15:44 PM.- 1 [GUZMAN]: Okay, friend, so you weren’t able to rest, rest, friend.

4:18:37 PM.- Ermoza [DEL CASTILLO]: hahaha, I would love to, but have to eat = '(.

4:22:00 PM.- Ermoza [DEL CASTILLO]: and I haven’t slept much since I saw you, I'm excited about our story ... It’s the truth. It's the only thing I think about ...

4:29:42 PM.- 1 [GUZMAN]: I’ll tell you I'm more excited about you than in the story, friend.

4:35:07 PM.- Ermoza [DEL CASTILLO]: hahaha, I love to hear that.

4:54:19  PM.- Ermoza [DEL CASTILLO]: You make me blush, friend;).

5:10:18 PM.- 1 [GUZMAN]: It's the truth, friend. What can you tell me about your associates? What are those men doing?

5:27:51 PM.- Ermoza [DEL CASTILLO]: they are excited! waiting what happens next, just like me!

OCTOBER 24 2015

1:58:45 PM.- 1 [GUZMAN]: Good afternoon, ¿how is the best woman and most intelligent woman in the world, whom I admire a lot? Here’ sthe lawyer’s number so you can call him and tell him whom to give the photos to, my friend. This is the phone 55***.

2:03:10 PM.- Ermoza [DEL CASTILLO]: hahaha, thanks !!! Hello, beautiful friend, I will call him, it will be from a USA number. Will call him right away! Take care! And thanks = - *

2:10:32 PM.- 1 [GUZMAN]: Thank you, friend, for your good wishes. Be well. Your friend loves you. Bye.

2:13:59 PM.-: Ermoza [DEL CASTILLO]: I love my friend, bye.

OCTOBER 29 2015

10:15:23 PM.- 1 [GUZMAN]: Friend, let’s get together. Everything will be calm, if I sure I would not invite you. I want you to interview men and women from my ranch. Let me tell you: my mom wants to meet you. I told her about you. Don’t be discouraged, nothing will happen. I will have everything at 100 [%].

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