First Elvis, now US TV. UK's Labour taps "24"

LONDON (AP) — Britain's governing Labour Party says it has tapped a director of the American TV series "24" to shoot its latest election ad.

Film and TV director Stephen Hopkins has filmed a TV slot for the party spoofing the "Nightmare on Elm Street" movie franchise.

Labour's decision follows criticism that Prime Minister Gordon Brown's campaign for Britain's May 6 election has lacked razzmatazz.

In a cheeky rebuke to his critics, Brown had an Elvis Presley impersonator join him on stage at an event last weekend.

Hopkins, who is British, directed the pilot and episodes of the first season of "24." He also worked on "Californication" and "Predator 2."

He says his election ad delivers a warning about the policies of Brown's chief opponent — opposition leader David Cameron.