First count shows Desi Bouterse's party obtains majority in Suriname

Preliminary results show that the party of former military dictator Desi Bouterse has obtained the majority of Parliament seats in the South American country of Suriname.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs said Tuesday that Bouterse's National Democratic Party obtained 26 of 51 seats in Parliament. Officials said the main opposition V7 alliance party led by former Justice Minister Chan Santokhi obtained 17 seats in Monday's general election.

Bouterse now needs a two-thirds majority vote in Parliament to be re-elected president.

Bouterse is a two-time coup leader and former dictator accused of executing 15 political opponents in 1982. He also was convicted in absentia in the Netherlands in 1999 on drug trafficking charges. Bouterse later was democratically elected in 2010 amid widespread discontent with Suriname's economy.