Finnair says it will remove a Finnish artist's painting adorning one of its Airbus aircraft after the designer acknowledged she copied the theme of her work from a Ukrainian folk artist.

Finnair spokeswoman Paivyt Tallqvist says the design will be painted over as soon as possible. The Airbus 330, used on routes to New York and Asia, was due to leave later Wednesday for Osaka, Japan.

The design, known as "Metsanvaki" (forest folk), was drawn by Kristina Isola in 2008 as a design for Marimekko, a Finland-based international textile and clothing design company.

Isola has apologized for her "indiscretion" in copying a work by Ukrainian Maria Primatshenko.

Tallqvist said Finnair will continue collaborating with Marimekko, which provides the national carrier with designs for textiles and other products.