FIFA rejects appeals by Blatter, Platini against 90-day interim bans; cases at CAS likely next

Sepp Blatter and Michel Platini lost their appeals Wednesday against their interim 90-day bans for financial wrongdoing in the corruption scandal that has shaken world soccer.

The provisional bans prevent Blatter from working as FIFA president and stop UEFA President Platini from campaigning for the FIFA election on Feb. 26.

Their appeals were rejected by FIFA's appeals committee. The rulings were expected as the appeals panel — chaired by Larry Mussenden, the former attorney general of Bermuda — rarely overturns judgments by FIFA judicial bodies.

Blatter and Platini can file further appeals to the Court of Arbitration for Sport.

The bans were imposed last month by FIFA's ethics committee pending full investigations into a $2 million payment Blatter approved for Platini in 2011 as backdated salary. Platini was employed by Blatter as a presidential adviser from 1998-2002.

Both men deny wrongdoing, though they have acknowledged there was no written contract for the extra salary.

Blatter and Platini are expected to appear before FIFA ethics judge Joachim Eckert in December.

Switzerland's attorney general has also opened criminal proceedings against Blatter for suspected criminal mismanagement of FIFA money.

Swiss federal authorities also questioned Platini at FIFA headquarters on Sept. 25 and are treating him as "between a witness and an accused person," according to the attorney general Michael Lauber.