The top draw at Ferrari's stand at the Paris Motor Show is its 458 Speciale A - 'A' for Aperta, which means 'open' in Italian. It's what's otherwise known as a spider, with an open top to give drivers the ultimate Ferrari driving experience.

Ferrari says the 458 is its most successful V8 sport Ferrari ever, and this limited edition version will no doubt add to that popularity.

INSIDE: Carbon fiber and suede-like Alcantara materials are everywhere inside, and space is saved by clever positioning of storage compartments. The ergonomic seats are covered with an aerated 3-D material to improve air circulation, Ferrari says.

OUTSIDE: Ferrari calls the design classical Ferrari spider crossed with the 458 Speciale's racy body. New front and rear ends have been redesigned and the hood features two ports to vent hot air from the radiator. The manufacturer says the redesigned front end should recall famous Ferraris of the past, like the 350 GTO and the F40. The retractable hard top can be folded down in 14 seconds.

UNDER THE HOOD: A 605 horse power V8 engine does zero to 100 kilometers (62.1 miles) in three seconds. Top speed is advertised at 320 km/h.

GAS MILEAGE: 11.8 liters (3.1 gallons) per 100 kilometers (62.1 miles) according to Ferrari.

CHEERS: The most powerful naturally aspirated engine Ferrari's ever made, matched to its most aerodynamic convertible.

JEERS: Only 499 will be made, and each will cost around 260,000 euros ($329,000).