Farmers treat soldiers building border fence in Hungary with watermelons in scorching heat

Hungarian farmers who say their crops have been damaged by migrants trampling through their fields treated soldiers building a fence on the border with Serbia with watermelons and other fruits to help offset the high temperatures.

Lajos Acsay, who organized the donation including 1,000 kilograms (2,205 pounds) of refrigerated watermelons, said the farmers near the southern village of Morahalom felt "the dark side of this migration problem."

The government wants to complete the 4-meter (13-foot) high, 175-kilometer (109-mile) long fence by Aug. 31. As a first step, troops are laying down three strands of razor wire a few meters (yards) from the border where over 110,000 migrants have crossed this year. Most request asylum but leave for other European Union countries like Germany and Denmark before their claims are settled.