BUSHBUCKRIDGE, South Africa -- An engaged South African couple expecting their first child have found out they are actually brother and sister.

The unnamed couple made the shocking discovery when their families met to discuss marriage arrangements ahead of their baby's birth next month, the Sowetan reported Thursday.

Neither knew that they had a sibling as they were brought up separately following their parents' acrimonious split.

The girl was raised by her mother in Pienaar while her brother was brought up by his father around 50 miles away in Bushbuckridge.

Their families were brought together for the first time to observe the traditional South African custom of lobola, where the groom pays his fiancee's family for her hand in marriage.

It was "love at first sight" when they met at university almost five years ago, the woman said.

"When I first saw him, we connected," the woman said. "We fell in love and since that day, we never looked back. All we wanted to do was just to have a family and many kids."
She added, "We are going to have a child together. We do not know what we will tell him when he grows up."

They have now ended their relationship and were discussing future arrangements for their child.
The man said, "We can't think straight at the moment and will just take everything one step at a time."