Ex-London Cab Driver Called Britain's 'Most 'Prolific Sex Offender'

Former London cab driver John Worboys is believed to be Britain’s most prolific sex offender, as authorities say he has attacked at least 102 women, Sky News reported.

When the 53-year-old was jailed in April 2009 for drugging and sexually assaulting female passengers, he had been linked to 85 crimes. But British police say a number of women have since come forward, raising the number of his alleged victims to more than 100.

Not all the women claim Worboys raped them, but all accused him of sexual assault.

Police suspect that more victims will come forward with accusations against Worboys.

Investigators often describe him as potentially “Britain's most prolific sex offender,” Sky News reported.

In March 2009, Worboys was found guilty of assaulting 12 women during an 18-month period. Many of his victims were young women, often getting into his cab after nights of drinking.

The taxi driver offered the women champagne spiked with powerful sedatives to celebrate a fictional lottery win. Worboys backed his claim by carrying a bag full of cash.

The drugs left the women unable to protect themselves as he attacked them in the back of the vehicle.

A helpline continues to receive calls from women who say they were targeted by Worboys and police say the investigation is ongoing.

Officials say Worboys must serve a minimum of eight years in prison for the attacks and will not be released until it is determined he no longer poses a threat to women.

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