Ex-leader of 'Jungle Commando' and convicted smuggler says he will run for Suriname presidency

The man who led the "Jungle Commando" insurgency in Suriname says he wants to run for president in the South American nation.

Ronny Brunswijk is a member of parliament and part of the Mega Combination coalition that put current President Desi Bouterse in power. Brunswijk's support of Bouterse was a surprise since they were once bitter enemies. Brunswijk led the rebels in the 1986-1992 Bush War against Bouterse's then-dictatorship.

Brunswijk now says he wants to be a candidate for president in 2015. He made the announcement at a Saturday night concert by U.S. rapper Rick Ross he promoted.

The ruling party said Monday that Bouterse intends to run for re-election. Both men have been convicted in absentia in the Netherlands of drug trafficking.