EU envoys set deadline for release of jailed ex-Ukrainian PM

A Ukrainian opposition spokeswoman says two European Union envoys have given the Ukrainian parliament a week to pass legislation allowing the release of jailed former premier Yulia Tymoshenko, if Kiev wants to sign a key integration treaty with the EU.

Tymoshenko is serving a seven-year term on abuse of office charges, which the West has condemned as politically motivated.

President Viktor Yanukovych and his allies in parliament have resisted Western pressure to free her.

Olha Lappo, a spokeswoman for Arseniy Yatsenyuk, a top Ukrainian opposition leader and ally of Tymoshenko, said Thursday that the EU envoys, former Polish President Aleksander Kwasniewski and former European Parliament President Pat Cox, have told Ukrainian legislators to adopt a law by Wednesday that would allow Tymoshenko to be flown to Germany for medical treatment.