Elite Hawkeye 'kill team' dispatched to London to guard Trump

President Trump is bringing his crack kill team with him for protection as he arrives in the UK today.

The elite squad dubbed “Hawkeye” accompany the president wherever he goes and will be on guard during his state visit to Britain.

Hawkeye was brought into being following the failed assassination attempt against Ronald Reagan in 1981.

The sole function of the Secret Service Counter-Assault Team (CAT) is to protect the president.

Each unit is given a designation matching the President’s call-sign – so for The Donald’s squad their full name is “Hawkeye Mogul”.

Agents are equipped with an SR-16 rifle, a pistol and stun grenades, and are specially trained to counter ambushes and fight in close quarters.

The unit is not believed to have ever needed to respond to a security threat, but remains on constant alert.

Agents are trained in an eight-month course with only ten percent of prospective candidates making it through.

All agents are expected to complete a 1.5 mile run in less than nine minutes and complete three pull-ups wearing a 20kg weighted vest.