Egypt says its population stands at nearly 95 million, in addition to an estimated 9.4 million who live abroad, according to the latest census figures.

The figures were announced during a televised ceremony Saturday in which the findings of the country's latest census were read by Abu-Bakr el-Gindy, head of the state's Statistics Bureau.

The figure for Egypt's population — 94,798,827 million as of April — is an increase of 22 million since 2006, when the latest census was held. The country's population stood at 38.3 million in 1986 and 59.3 million 10 years later.

El-Gindi said Egyptians aged between 15 and 34 accounted for 34.8 percent of the population.

Egypt's capital, Cairo, and its twin province of Giza have a combined population of 18.1 million.

Egypt is the most populous Arab nation.