Egyptian couple startles guests with ISIS-themed wedding

An Egyptian groom surprised his bride with an ISIS-themed wedding, complete with the newlyweds being placed in a cage by masked men brandishing fake knives, while guests sang a jihadi anthem, a video of the event shows.

The idea, thought up by the groom, had some guests believing the wedding was being invaded by militants from the Islamic State terror group, the Youm7 newspaper reported, according to Sky News.

The video, shot in Menoufia, Egypt, begins with a wedding guest in a mask conducting a jihadi anthem used in propaganda videos released by the ruthless group.

The guest then leads the couple into a cage similar to the one used to hold Jordanian pilot Lt. Muath al-Kaseasbeh, who was burned alive.

Then, they start dancing.

Only the groom, his guests and the photographer knew of the plan before the wedding, Sky News reports.

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