An eccentric cafe worker is changing his name so he can run for mayor of a city in southwestern England.

Eric Mutch, from Bristol, changed his name to "Zero None Of The Above" for an election in 2010, the Bristol Evening Post reported.

But the 46-year-old now will be known as "Mr Corrupt Self-Serving Lying B'stard" as he bids to become Bristol mayor at the November election.

He told the newspaper, "I think a lot of politicians make promises, only to break them. Being a politician is not a career, it's a vocation. I think my name change makes a statement about how I feel about politicians all over the world."

The married father of one said his single promise was to print a local currency -- the Bristol pound -- and pay every resident of the city an unconditional annual income guarantee of 10,000 Bristol pounds.

He promised to take a weekly salary of just $790 if elected -- paid in Bristol pounds, of course.

Residents voted in a referendum last week to elect a mayor for the city. The election will be held Nov. 15.

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