A small amount of liquid in a plastic bottle – supposedly containing the deadly Ebola virus – was sent to a New Zealand newspaper on Monday, putting authorities on edge.

Sky News Melbourne bureau chief Ahron Young told News.com.au that the vial was sent in a package from a “jihadist group” to the offices of the New Zealand Herald. Police said the suspicious package contained several documents, one of which mentioned Ebola.

A tweet by the newspaper said the vial was sent to the mailroom and “all precautions were taken.”

The package was then sent to Melbourne’s Victorian Infectious Diseases Reference Laboratory for testing, according to News.com.au.

The New Zealand Herald suspects that the delivery is a hoax.

The country’s parliament also was sent a similar package Monday, prompting a lockdown around its mailroom.

A police spokesman told the New Zealand Herald that both packages may be linked, as they both contained messages about Ebola.