AMSTERDAM -- A Dutch artist turned his cat into a fully-working helicopter, after it was run down and killed by a car.

Bart Jansen stuffed Orville before teaming up with an expert on radio-controlled helicopters to attach propellers to each of its four paws.

The cat -- named after pioneering aviator Orville Wright -- is now a piece of artwork. The "Orvillecopter" was put on show at the Kunstrai art festival in Amsterdam.

Jansen said his creation is "half cat, half machine" and part of a visual art project to pay tribute to his pet.

"After a period of mourning, he received his propellers posthumously," he said.

The Orvillecopter currently struggles to fly steadily, a problem Jansen has promised to fix.

"He will receive more powerful engines and larger props for his birthday, so this hopping will soon change into steady flight," he said.

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