Drunk man confesses to TV reporter that he was responsible for fatal crash

A drunk Los Angeles man made a serious legal mistake Monday confessing to a TV reporter, on-camera, to being the driver in the fatal accident that caused the death of his cousin.

As news cameras rolled, a man identifying himself only as José, walked up to a FOX 11 news crew at the scene of the crash and began describing the accident.

“We were drinking,” José admitted to the reporter, referring to his cousin Juan, who had been driving. “He was drunker!”

“He made me drive, and I told him I couldn’t drive. He was drunk already. He stopped in the middle of the [I-5] freeway, so when I stopped, that’s the incident. I lost control. But he was drunker,” José told the reporter.

José got behind the wheel and soon lost control of the car and drove into a pole. Juan was killed instantly, although José didn't realize it.

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José was believed to have fled the scene, but he told the reporter that he had gone to get help. He returned to the accident with his brother and kept asking the reporter about his cousin.

"I wanted to let police give him that information," Gigi Graciette told the station's anchor."I didn't want to be the one to break the news to him."

The news crew alerted the Los Angeles Police Department who informed José that his cousin was dead, gave him a field sobriety test and then arrested him for driving under the influence. He now faces charges of vehicular manslaughter in the death of his cousin.

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