Police said the man arrested for driving his truck into a Rose Park home in Utah admitted to drinking 36 beers and doing cocaine before the crash.

Officials arrested 39-year-old Bernabe Urcino-Saldago for driving under the influence, a negligent collision and driving without a driver’s license Monday morning.

Emergency crews were called to the scene at about 9 a.m.

“If anyone had been up and around like we normally are during the day, chances are he probably would have run one of us over,” said Mario Gutierrez, the homeowner.

Gutierrez woke up to what he said sounded like an explosion. There in his living room was a truck, the driver’s foot still pressing down on the gas pedal.

“I grabbed the door, which was stuck shut and I forced it opened as hard as I could I yelled at him as loud as I could he was unresponsive I reached in and grabbed his pant leg and grabbed his leg off the accelerator,” Gutierrez said.

The two people in the home at the time were in different rooms, but the family’s dog was sleeping in the front room where the truck crashed.

“He barely missed our dog I don’t know how our dog survived,” Gutierrez said.

The homeowner said he feels lucky he and his family weren’t hurt.

“If the truck would have veered over another five feet and missed the center support for the home he would have went through that first wall and ran into my bedroom and ran me over. I’d be dead,” Gutierrez said.

Urcina-Saldago was booked into the Salt Lake County Jail. He told police the night before the crash he had consumed two 18 packs of beer and ingested cocaine.

“At least I can look at the positive side and say nobody got killed. I could be dead right now — I came so close to him killing me today,” Gutierrez said.

Officials said no one was seriously injured.

Gutierrez said the Urcino-Saldago lives in the neighborhood.

The homeowner said this corner is always a concern because drivers go much faster than the 25-mph speed limit.

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