Three Canadian dogs are recovering after being spiked by a porcupine, as their owner receives support from the public to help cover the vet bill.

Mahalo, Nestah, and Soljah were playing on a farm in Craven, Saskatchewan, when they had the nasty encounter.

Mahalo, a pit bull, had to be taken to a vet after a porcupine's quills pierced her heart and lungs.

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Nestah, Mahalo's brother, was also hurt in the attack.

He was hit by dozens of quills to the face, but avoided any serious internal injuries.

Meanwhile, Soljah had minor wounds to its mouth from quills.

The dogs' injuries left owner Dennis Mazur, a social worker, with a vet bill of around $8,000.

Unable to afford the rising cost to help save Mahalo's life, his friend set up a page on gofundme.com to spread the word and help Dennis raise the money he needed to save his dog.

Mike Gerrand said: "These dogs are the love of my dear friend Dennis' life."

"The veterinarian said if [Mahalo] hadn't been a pit bull with all that muscle she wouldn't have survived," he added.

The online campaign became the number one trending story in Saskatchewan, with generous strangers donating the money needed to help cover Dennis' costs.

Mahalo is now recovering back at home.