Deputy leader of Egypt's dwindling and aging Jewish community buried

The deputy head of Egypt's dwindling Jewish community has been buried.

Nadia Haroun, lawyer and architect, was 59.

Haroun's sister Magda, leader of the community, led the ceremony in Cairo's downtown Gates of Heaven Synagogue Tuesday. It was attended by a handful of the remaining members of the aging community along with several Egyptian public figures.

Longtime friend Nevin Amin said Haroun died Thursday of a heart attack. She is survived by a son and daughter.

Most of Egypt's once-thriving Jewish community left more than 60 years ago. Today, less than 40 remain.

Haroun was a daughter of prominent politician Chehata Haroun, known for his anti-Zionist politics. He defended Egyptian Jews against accusations that they had more loyalty to Israel than Egypt, at the peak of the Mideast wars.