Dead patient's family go on China hospital rampage

Relatives of a patient who died rampaged with knives through a Chinese hospital, seriously wounding six people and trying to throw a doctor out a window in the city of Shanghai, news reports said Tuesday.

The 20 relatives of the patient, identified as Liu Yonghua, stormed through Xinhua Hospital's thoracic surgery department after Liu died Monday, according to website Eastnet and broadcaster Dragon TV.

The family members tried to throw the department's deputy director out an eighth-floor window, but other employees stopped them, Eastnet said. It said one person suffered a stab wound that came within half an inch (1.5 centimeters) of his heart.

Police detained six people, Eastnet said.

Dragon TV showed a wounded physician in a hospital bed being treated for his wounds.

The reports gave no details of Liu's illness or cause of death or why his relatives might be angry at hospital workers.

Employees who answered the phone at the hospital's public information department confirmed the attack occurred but did not immediately release details.

Chinese hospitals have suffered a series of attacks in recent years by distraught patients or their relatives. Some are triggered by demands for compensation after a death or complaints of overcharging or fake treatment.