Dead Music Promoter Takes Jab At Spain's Finance Minister With Taunting Tombstone

Talk about a real piece of “death metal” history!

A deceased Spanish music promoter took a jab at the country’s much-maligned finance minister from the afterlife thanks to a creative – if slightly offensive – gravestone.

José María Beranjano Martín, who passed away last November at the age of 66, asked his family to engrave a special phrase on his gravestone that is directed at Spanish finance minister,  Cristóbal Montoro. That message: “Montoro, you bastard, come now and get your money.”

How do you explain that one to St. Peter at the Pearly Gates?

Beranjano Martín’s family said that the music promoter was furious at Montoro for raising certain taxes for musical performances to 21 percent.

In an interview with Spain’s El Comercionewspaper, the music promoter’s son, Eduardo, said that his father was actually a supporter of Montoro’s ruling People’s Party (Partido Popular in Spanish), but had his qualms with some of the policies in place – thus the political statement that follows him into eternity.

“He saw how his party had turned against him with the budget cuts, many of which affected him directly," Beranjano Martín’s son said.

Beranjano Martín filed for bankruptcy in 2009. It’s unclear what his financial situation was when he died.

One could say that Beranjano Martín is a member of the un-Grateful Dead.

Montoro, who has become a popular punching bag in Spain for implementing the Popular Party's strict austerity measures and has even drawn comparisons to "The Simpsons" Mr. Burns thanks to his looks – has not commented on Beranjano Martín's post-mortem prank.

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