Darfur attack wounds Sudan war crimes suspect

A suspect wanted for war crimes in Sudan's Darfur has been left wounded after an attack which reportedly killed two of his men, local sources in Nyala city said on Monday.

Ali Kushayb, a former commander of the feared Janjaweed militia, was attacked on Sunday during battles which state officials blamed on "differences" between members of the security forces.

The urban warfare first erupted in Nyala on Wednesday night.

"It's Kushayb who was injured," one source said, referring to Ali Khushayb, who is wanted by the International Criminal Court.

"Not sure what the injuries are," but Kushayb was to be transferred to Khartoum, the source added, asking for anonymity.

Kushayb was hurt as residents ran for their lives during fresh fighting and looting in Nyala, Darfur's largest city.

The state-run Radio Omdurman reported late Sunday that Kushayb "was saved from assassination" but did not say he was wounded.

His driver and guard were killed, the report said.

Kushayb is wanted by the Hague-based ICC for crimes against humanity and war crimes allegedly committed earlier in the decade-long Darfur conflict.