A Dutch father leapt over a fence to save his three-year-old daughter who was being attacked by a bear in its enclosure at a German zoo, Germany's English-language newspaper The Local reported Thursday.

While the man and his wife were looking the other way the toddler climbed over a 41-inch high fence at the Eifel Zoo on Wednesday, falling into a moat surrounding the bear's enclosure.

"The father of the child jumped over the fence immediately and brought the child –- who had already sustained a swipe from the bear to her forehead –- to safety,” The Local quoted a police statement.

The 28-year-old Asian black bear went after the man, injuring his leg, but he was able to scramble out of the enclosure on his own.

The girl was flown to an area hospital, while her 34-year-old father was treated nearby. Both are expected to make a full recovery.

Police said an investigation is planned to decide if the child's parents or the zoo are guilty of negligence.

The official statement also noted that the family had "a large portion of luck to go along with their bad luck."

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