Dad of jailed Al-Jazeera journalist respects court integrity but says son victim of injustice

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The father of an Australian Al-Jazeera journalist jailed in Egypt says he respects the integrity of Egypt's courts but knows his son is the victim of injustice.

Juris Greste told a news conference in Kenya Thursday that he and his wife "passionately and absolutely" know that a "grave and serious" injustice has taken place in the case of son Peter Greste.

Peter Greste is appealing his seven-year prison sentence after a court in June found that he and two other Al-Jazeera journalists aided the Muslim Brotherhood, which Egypt classifies as a terrorist organization.

Juris and Louis Greste traveled to Nairobi, where their son was based and is honorary co-chair of the Foreign Correspondents Association of East Africa. Journalists in Nairobi have tried to shine a spotlight on the jailings.